Yamaguchi policy 

About approach of "classroom of life"

Main body of initiatives ... Shimonoseki City
Facility name (local government name) ... Shimonoseki City
Coordinated organizations ... Shimonoseki City Board of Education

Details of specific initiatives

Shimonoseki City has been targeting elementary school students, junior high school students, and adults in the city since 2010 in order to consider the importance of life.
We carry out "classroom of life". Thinking about what life is in a classroom for life
We have the opportunity to establish symbiosis with animals and other people, and to“nurture the power to live.
Ability to think about what life is for children in cooperation with the Board of Education, and to live together with animals and how to live with others
I have the opportunity to nurture

Veterinarians of the Animal Welfare Management Center conduct classes at elementary schools using slides, flips, and supplementary readers.
In classrooms targeted at lower grades of elementary school, the relationship between humans and animals, and,happy,and sadtions. Besides, at the school such as rabbits
They listen to the heart sounds of their animals, and learn how to touch and touch animals.

The scenario for the lower grades was created by Uda Animal Parkin Nar Prefecture.Are cooperatig.
In addition to this, we will touch on the current status of taking over and killing dogs and cats in classrooms where higher grades provide guidance and advice.
I am learning to be responsible for becoming an animal owner.
In addition, we want you to be a chance to think about life not only for children but also for parents.

In 2012, the “Life Class” was held on the day of elementary school class visits.Furthermore, in 2013, the original author “Yoshiki Sakamoto” of the picture book “The Day to Make Life”,
Invited lecturers such as “Naoshi Sakamoto”, the original author of “Message from the Animal Care Center”
By holding lectures that can be attended not only by elementary school students but also adults such as parents
Widely enlightened citizens about the importance of life.

 In total, 4,000 people attended. From the results of a questionnaire for children
I think that it is a chance to think about life.

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