American policy
Animal abuse is a major problem in the United States.In addition to over-breeding and abusing animals, fighting animals seems to be a problem.In the United States, countries and organizations are moving to prevent this.Here are some of them.

American law

I think the crimes against animal abuse in the United States are much more than in Japan.15 years in prison often goes down.What are the specific legal provisions in the United States?I will introduce it.

・ Prohibition of buying and selling animals other than those who have been granted permission to sell animals

This is very similar to the laws in Japan.Stolen animals are also banned from sale.

・ Prohibition of animal fighting

This is something that is rarely done in Japan but is a problem in the United States.Various organizations are working on this issue.It is a serious crime of three years in prison or a fine of $ 250,000.

  ・ Prohibition of transportation of animals by car when animals are suffering

In the United States, the transportation of suffering animals alone can result in animal abuse.Thus, American law has a specific definition like Japanese law.

・ Prohibition of assistance dogs

It also describes assistance dogs for people with disabilities.This also results in animal abuse and is subject to police enforcement.

  It is relatively similar to Japanese law.There are other US-specific laws on issues.

The American Society for the  Prevention of Cruelty to Animals(ASPCA)

In addition to the state, organizations are also working to prevent animal abuse.One of the most active organizations is the American Society for the Prevention of Animal Abuse (ASPCA).The organization also works in cooperation with local governments.In addition to abuse prevention activities, we also conduct animal protection activities.One of the major contributors to animals.

Disaster rescue activities Medical research   
At the request of local authorities, research, gather medical information, rescue and transport animals, set up temporary facilities for animal protection and treatment, and, if found, place them in local sheltersdoing.This activity contributes to the provision of national legal services.
Work with various agencies to form a forensic team to investigate medical abuse.Gather the resulting information to see if any abuse occurred.
 Establishment of  animal shelter Establishment of  animal hospital 
It is also a shelter for animals.Here, we transfer protected animals, perform neutering and vaccination.Because it is a large facility, there are many dogs and cats and cats of many types and genders.This makes it easier to find the right animal for the owner.
    The veterinary clinic has access to a variety of animals, including protected, transferable and domestic animals.And the price is easy to get more service.Veterinarians are full-time professional doctors.
Animal relocation   Animal rehabilitation
This is an activity to move animals, such as pets without homes or health centers that are too many to handle, to other facilities.This will prevent health centers from running out of resources and overcrowding, and reduce unnecessary euthanasia.   This is to help animal-abused animals stop fear of humans.Trainers use various facilities to plan and rehabilitate dogs.By doing so, animals that were difficult to transfer as pets will be accepted by the general public.
 Public policy Animal support
They carry out public policy in cooperation with various local governments.From big things such as enacting laws and establishing systems, we also do basic things such as horse protection.
  They provide support to keep them at home as pets.It also provides important services, medical care and supplies for pets.I also communicate with veterinarians.
Other than what I wrote here, this organization is doing a lot of things and making a social contribution.

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