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Legal revision about animal abuse prevention

A penalty of an animal abuse is the law affected by Japanese "criminal law" in Russia, and the main part which was set and revised is the Russian Federation penalty code 245th article.

* An animal abuse, "the act which has for its object to cause pain of the pain and other things" is added to the place where we assumed "When cruel way young SHIKU did the act or the act concerned which makes an animal suffer death or injury by a money-like motive in front of the youth in violent young SHIKU." newly.
An animal, I make them suffer death or injury, even when not coming, it's possible to take to task for an animal abuse.
* When 80,000 rubles of fine for for 6 months of income and obligation labor (community service without charge) are which correction labor (A government collects 5-20% over the reward.) is in less than 1, for less than 360 hours in young SHIKU for a penalty, imprisonment for less than 1 year or a for less than 6 months of protection inspection, extension and a protection inspection abolish a prison term of a prison penalty in less than at most 3.

When doing an animal abuse by a group, more one it was said that a crime became heavy with which is magnified with the 245th 2nd item article, and it's revised so that a crime may become heavy in the following case.

 When it depends on group, group which conspired together and gathered beforehand or systematic group.   When it's in front of the youth.
 When a misusage act was exhibited by the mass media or information network (including the internet).  When more than one animal was ill-used.
When hitting the above, more than 100,000 rubles of 300,000 ruble non-Mitsuwaka SHIKU is said to be which the income more than for 1 year is, a fine less than for 2 years, obligation labor for less than 480 hours, the correction labor which is less than 2 years for more than 1 year, forced labor in less than 5 or the imprisonment which is less than 5 years for more than 3 years.

"Forced labor" it's a fair power word seemingly, but it's admitted to go to an execution site of a labor penalty from a home instead of a prison penalty in less than 5 by the new labor penalty introduced from 2011, and it's said that the 5-20% of a reward is the penalty a government collects.

Change in a law about hunting

"Russia" change in a law about animal abuse prevention
A 54th number of federal way "the law which revises the Russian Federation way "about hunting, possession of the hunting means and change in an individual decree in the Russian Federation" in relation to prevention of an animal abuse" was carried out on March 7, 2018, and doing practice of a hound and training by a way equivalent to an animal abuse was prohibited.

 I have to raise a hound using the feed a person prepared by the environment that you can get a movement.
 A hound is shut in a small place and the act for not feeding is prohibited.
 Practice of a hound and training are in a license system. Only the corporation which registered by an
agency or individually-owned company has to conduct it in specific facilities.
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