Tokushima policy

About promotion of desirable animal breeding in school

Main body of efforts ... Tokushima Prefecture
Name of the facility (local government name) ... Tokushima Animal Welfare
Management Center (Tokushima Prefecture)

Details of initiatives 

In many kindergartens and elementary schools, the number of schools that keep animals is gradually decreasing.
Proper breeding, in order to enhance measures related to infectious diseases, etc.
In Tokushima Prefecture, From 2004
School breeding animal network business with the three members of the prefectural Board of Education and the prefectural veterinary association
And designate about 10 schools a year as the designated school.
Regarding animal welfare, proper breeding management of school-raised animals, and contact with animals by visiting veterinarians
We provide support related to giving correct knowledge.

Schooling animal breeding methods and health care consultation services related to health management,
Our main business is diagnostic treatment business related to diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the Animal Welfare Management Center is a kindergarten movement classroom, such as kindergartens, elementary schools, community associations
We visit with our dogs, cats and rabbits and conduct enlightenment projects through contact.


In 2013, we visited 19 facilities kindergartens and elementary schools. In addition, we have children at our center
We also offer facility tours and excursions, and training for new educators at elementary and junior high schools.

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