Niigata policy

  Name of facility   Niigata animal protection center
  title    Enlightenment about cat breeding measures and transfer promotion 
   Subject of initiatives   Niigata 
  Cooperation group   Municipalities, supermarkets, animal hospitals

Purpose and method of the activity

・ The reason why the number of cats picked up does not decrease easily is  According to the result of irresponsible feeding without sterilization castration surgery
Considering multi-head breeding, created an enlightenment flyer “
How to Keep a Cat Today”.
Domestic cats are `` modern '' for full indoor breeding,
  Taking care outdoors.
All cattle, including cats, should be castrated and clearly identified With the help of all municipalities, with a circular board etc.We are well-known throughout the prefecture.

・ Use the homepage to increase the number of cats transferredIn addition, we made a poster to familiarize you with the transfer business, 
  Not only public facilities to catch the eyes of many people
More than 300 food supermarkets and animal hospitals in the prefecture Posted.
・ Do not pick up after cats are stuck. "Cats how to keep cats, trouble consultation"Regularly implemented. (About once a month)

・ Enlightenment leaflets increased interest in cats, increased awareness as a breeding consultation service, and increased consultation.There are consultations not only from the breeder himself, but also from neighborhood association officers, local residents and relatives.There are some consultations after the breeding of over 20 heads, but there are many early consultations.Many older people who are economically unable to afford are often raised, and despite many serious complaints from local residents, they have been left untreated for many years, and the cost of collection There are some cases that are in need of work.
I think that one of the effects is that a contact point with the administration was born in the case of having had the cat problem until now.

・ The Niigata Prefectural Animal Welfare Center is open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, and is conducting a transfer business in a stance of
Recruiting owners at any time.
There is also a publicity effect through poster display at stores and animal hospitals and panel display at event venues, and people who want to transfer are coming from all over the prefecture.

・ The “Cat Keeping Class / Consultation” is highly effective as a follow-up after the transfer, and the satisfaction of the participant questionnaire
is also high.

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