Kyoto policy

Kyoto Animal Protection Charter

In Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City,
“a rich and rich society where people and animals can coexist”
Japan's first charter of local governments regarding animal welfare
December 12, 2014 Established the
Kyoto Animal Protection Charter.

Increase interest in animal welfare

  Every week from September 20th to 26th
  An animal welfare week has been established to deepen interest in how to keep pets properly.
As part of our efforts, we have an animal protection photo competition.
First Year of Animal Protection Photo Contest

Kyoto Animal Protection Center

Major efforts of the Kyoto Animal Welfare Center

①Promotion of animal welfare and enlightenment projects such as classrooms for discipline
②Proper management of housed animals and promotion of transfer business
③Dissemination of a wide range of information on animals such as animal-derived infectious diseases
④Establishment of night animal emergency center (cooperation with Kyoto Medical Association)
⑤Protection of animals in the event of a disaster, storage and distribution of rescue samurai intentions for affected animals

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