Hyogo policy

An animal abuse is prevented.

To prevent an animal abuse in Kobe-shi, Hyogo.
"Animal police hotline" it's established and I cooperate with a prefectural police, and it's an animal abuse.
It's being prevented.
Additionally holding of a lecture to the person who hopes for taking back of a dog and a cat.
To depend on article carrying on a public relations magazine and all kinds' enlightenment leaflet.
I'm making an effort toward prevention of an animal abuse. 

Importance of the life is handed down to children.

It's raised at the session of an elementary school so that an animal abuse doesn't happen.
"contact department" which does contact with an animal is being held.
Additionally it's at an animal management center as an event in the summer holidays.
Through the
"animal protection school" which learns how to handle it a dog and a cat.
Importance of the life is being handed down to children. 

I aim at a satsu disposal zero.

Owner's responsibility is carried without exception by "made of charge-ization of a pet dog and cat taking back and preliminary consultation" from 2012.
"Information sending by a city home page", "promotion of a transfer by non-governmental organization's cooperation"
A transfer of the dog accommodated by "relaxation of a dog, on the cat and an important matter" and a cat is being promoted.
I'm working on reduction in number of satsu disposal of the dog and the cat by "expansion of sterilization operation help of an area cat".
The number of satsu disposal which are dogs and cats by this, about
1/6, it decreases.

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