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Our thoughts
Based on the results examined so far, we considered why animal abuse occurs.I think there are many causes, not just one.So we decided to take up three causes.

Financial aspect   stress  Multi-head breeding
 Multi-head breeding

 Thirdly, I think this is due to the breeding of multiple heads.Looking at the case of neglect, there were a few things that kept the animals as they were out of hand.At zoos and shelters, there was a lack of employees, making it impossible to take care of them properly.When feeding stray cats, there was an increase in the number of cats causing trouble to neighboring residents.In addition, there were many demerits such as smelling and soiling nearby due to multi-head breeding.

To solve this, I thought it was important to use proper contraception and neutering surgery (operation to keep a child alive).Some families do not know that there is surgery or do not have surgery because they have no money.There may be places where local government measures such as subsidies are required.For animals bred in zoos and large commercial facilities, I think that this case will disappear if the number of employees is increased or the number of animals is reduced, including financial aspects.


I think it's important not to raise multiple heads first.To that end, the owner must understand the dangers of multi-head breeding.And I think we need a lot of places where we can consult and protect when things happen.I think the facility is still lacking.And even if the facility is made, it doesn't make sense unless you know it is there.I think that enlightenment activities for that will be necessary.


 I think there are many people who don't know animals well.It is not a bad thing to bite animals, but you must also consider the future.Cats have a very high breeding rate.And cats are kept in general.It is an animal that is susceptible to multi-head rearing.So it is possible for us to raise multiple heads.That's why you have to think carefully.