Hokkaido policy
Bar rise plan

Based on the regulation which is a law about protection of an animal and management (the 6th article initial term) in Hokkaido.
As the policy to promote protection of an animal and a step about management in Hokkaido.
"Bar rise plan" but it's settled on.

The outline of a Bar rise plan

 In "promotion of better related (Better Relation) making" and the life of a person and an animal.
"realization of an abundant sentiment (Rich Sentiment)", a citizen of Hokkaido and a related group.
While cooperating with volunteer's person such as "the meeting of a tail which agrees and defends a cancer animal".
I'm having for my object that polity wrestles like Zendou.

A plan consists of 3.

Chapter 1 Basic way of thinking of this plan. 
Chapter 2 The match contents according to the background, the current state and the policy in case of development of facilities. 
Chapter 3 Execution plan of the business the way puts into effect directly.

A match in detail is as a matter about proper breeding of an animal.

* Prevention of the end raw breeding, abandonment and misusage 
* Promotion of measure of owner specification by microchip
* Rationalization of the animal handling agency by which the troublesome problems of concerning an animal are prevention and a pet shop, etc..

As a matter about system maintenance.

* The contents including animal aid at the time of an accident by a related group and volunteer's cooperation 

The index in detail which indicates the achievement of the target, as the target value of 10 years later, the one from an owner
After fifty percent reduction of the number of taking back of the dog and the cat and 10 % more of the number of transfers of the protection and the accommodation animal are established.
The achievement situation is checked every year, and it's being advanced while doing necessary reconsideration.

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