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Our thoughts
 Based on the results examined so far, we considered why animal abuse occurs.I think there are many causes, not just one.So we decided to take up three causes.

Financial aspect   stress  Multi-head breeding
 Money side

The first is a financial problem.When I went to a visit, I heard that there were some people who were expensive because of contraceptive and castration surgery and eventually did not have surgery.There seem to be other places where it is impossible to grow financially due to excessive growth.Some commercial facilities, such as zoos, had no money to hire keepers and were taking care of them with a small number of people.So I found out that the care was not done properly.

To prevent this, don't buy a pet until you get the money, including the cost of birth control and castration.If you know in advance how much money it will cost to keep it, you will have a good prospect.And I think it is important to judge whether you can keep it or not.I think that the fastest solution is to anticipate the damage before it happens.I think that the future can be enjoyed happily by making decisions in anticipation of the future.


The monetary aspect is a problem that must be considered until the animal dies.The person them selves would not want to be an animal abuser if he had no money.To that end, estimate how much it costs to keep an animal.