Can you hear the animals screaming?・・・  
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Questions and answers for those who are tomorrow

Lastly we answered our questions
Q1. What kind of animals can you bring?
A. Dogs and cats at health centers in the prefecture               * Aggressive stray animals ×

Q2. What does the animal look like at first?

A. Initially scared and nervous. Get used to it.

Q3. What are you taking care of the animals?

A. Disease prevention vaccine     Insert microchip     Tick ​​control      Stool examination     Blood test

* The above is a syringe to put the vaccine
Syringe to put the microchip below

Q4. How can animals be brought in?
Do not do what you have to do               (Neglect)

Q5. What exactly is animal abuse?

A.Protected at a health center → Go to “Asumairu”

Q6. What are the punishments for animal abusers?

A. Murder ... Prison less than 2 years,     fine less than 2 million yen  Abuse and abandonment... Fines of  less than 1 million yen

Q7. How is animal abuse detected?

A. There are many reports.  The health center is not investigated.  The investigation is police.

Q8. What animals are subject to animal abuse?

A. A protection animal. Domestic animals  such as cows, horses, and pigs.

Q9. How many incidents are happening in a year?
A. In 2010, the number increased  from 33 to 84 in 2018.

Q10. Are some of the animals that have been taken out of control?
A. Yes. (Things that cannot be taken care of)

Q11. What is the trial period?

A. It's like a trial period.

Thank you for answering!