Medical office

Here is a room for medical work related to animals.It's most commonly used for animal testing.We perform inspections of protected animals and pest control.Veterinarians are entrusted to organizations.The door room marked in red is an isolation room.If you have a pathogen that may infect , treatment will be done here to prevent infection. 

There are also injections in this room.These are vaccinations for rabies and microchips.A microchip is a machine that allows an owner to be identified when an animal gets lost.Microchip syringes are thicker than syringes used for vaccination to get the machine into the body.This is also done by the organization's veterinarians.

There are all the tools necessary for anesthesia and other treatments here, so you can get treatment right away.
The above is a syringe for preventive injection
  Below is a syringe for a microchip

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