Nara policy 

Life education
Target...Elementary school students
Main body of the initiative...Nara Prefecture (Uda Animal Park Promotion Office)
Cooperating organizations ... Knots, Uda City, Nara City, etc.

the purpose

For each companion animal, industrial animal, and wildlife category, learn about these relationships and sympathize with all life to save life.
We are promoting “Education of Life” to nurture a precious heart.


Awareness of the relationship between humans and animals
Hey what kind of responsibility to live well, I think such of whether the should play
 In addition, with the keywords “awareness”, “sympathy”, and “responsibility”, papier animals, environmental boards and panels
Use it to make children think and answer.

  In addition, we hold regular workshops and lectures for animal administration personnel and educators.


There are more than 5,000 children and the number of participating schools is increasing year by year.
There are many schools that want to participate from outside the prefecture.

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