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Animals are still screaming

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At first
Do you know what situation the animal is in now?Animal abuse is now becoming a social problem.Animal abuse is often seen in the news.Since it is not familiar, most people have never thought about it.And I think there are not a few people who have the image of not happening very much.

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In recent years, the number of animal cruelty has increased year by year. And it's not just animals that are kept at home that are being abused. Of course, not all shelters, but there are also abuses in animal shelters. However, only a small part of the animal cruelty is reported in the news. There are other animals that have been abused. Moreover, the methods of abuse are different and the reasons for doing so are different.

So we thought that there might be abuse that could be prevented by changing the position of the abuser. Animal about is truly a cruel act. Animals can't escape even if they are suffering. They will experience physical and mental pain. The number of animal cruelty was only discovered by the police. That's why there's more abuse than this. It is that there are more animals suffering. Animal cruelty can kil animalsl, not just abuse. Animal cruelty is an act of poor treatment of life.
So this is one of the problems that must be solved by all means.

Why did I take up this issue?
In the first place, I saw the news of animal cruelty one day so I investigated this. At that time, I wondered, "Why does this happen?" And I got a guestionn, "How can I fix this problem?" I thought, "Is there anything we can do to prevent animal cruelty?"
I thought I'd look into it.

To solve this problem
We thought about three things .

(1)Why does animal cruelty occur? if we could understand why animal cruelty happens in the first place, it would be the first step to solving this problem. I think that there are a lot of people who do animal cruelty, and there are a lot of cases where there is a reason for occuring animal cruetly. we can solve this problem by thinking about how to solve the causes.

What can we do to solve animal cruelty? IWe can't solve it i
f we just take responsebulty on gouernment or loeal gouermment.We must do something.

What do we need to coure? What should we do to avoid animal cruelty and abandonment? Animal cuelty never happen if we know what to care about pets, we thought.

The flow of problem solving
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  First of all, before we investigate animal cruelty, i'll show you what kind of image we have about animal cruelty. We did this activity to know what you think about this issue . Next, we looked into the current situation. Is the number of animal cruelty increasing now? We also searched what kind of abuse were happening. Knowing cases of animal cruelty has helped to solvethe problem.
 Local measures   Visit
  We searched local policies to help us think about what we can do. I was able to learn about various policies for various purposes. In order to obtain more reliable information, We visited The Mie Prefecture Animal Welfare Promotion Center. We visited there and asked some puestions.
 Our Thoughts   What we can do
  Looking back on the process that has been going on so far, we thought on why animal cruelty occurs on our own. By thinking about the cause, you will know what you can do to solve the problem.   Based on the cause we thought about, we thought about the measures we could take. I think that as many animals as possible will be saved if we directly engage in animal cruelty.

Look at this home page
  I want you to learn what animal life is by looking at this website. The pages are arranged in the order we made. I would like the people who viewed it to think about "how to solve the problem" and "what can I do?"