Can you hear the animals screaming?・・・  
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 We first discussed what we knew before investigating animal abuse.By discussing it, you can use it as a reference for those who do not know anything.And I was able to find out what is the first thing we made to search to solve this problem.

   In the first place, What is "animal cruelty?    
      I think that it ’s a scrambled animal   
   Maybe not feedimg.      
     It's definitely a terrible thing  
   How many has it happend ?      
    I don't think it will change much every year   
   What do you think of  "animal cuelty?      
      That's a pity   
   Ithink those who abuse animals  don't care how animals feel by the act.      
     It's a crime  
   What kind of animals are  the most victims of animal cruelty?      
      I think it is pets. 
   I think most of the dogs and cats.      
       The news is mostly  about dogs and cats  
   I do n’t think it ’s happening  so much.      
      It ’s not happening around me.   
   I don't hear for  anything other than news      
       There are so many things I don't understand  
      Let's start with the current situation