Ibaraki policy
Animal contact classroom

 Subject… Ibaraki

Cooperating organizations etc …Ibaraki Veterinary Association

Facility name (local government, etc.) ... Ibaraki Animal Guidance Center (Ibaraki Prefecture)

Background of the event
 Entrusted to the Ibaraki Prefectural Veterinary Association, focusing on the screening of primary school animals from 1989
The school veterinarian setting promotion business was started. From 2011, the prefecture has taken the lead, and conducts on-site lectures as animal interaction classes with the cooperation of the prefectural veterinary association.

Specific content

 Nurture a heart that feels the importance and preciousness of life through interaction with animals
I actually visited the elementary school in the prefecture with my pet dog
Dogs and cats are being disposed of along with listening to heart sounds
Know the reality and how to do it.

 Visiting about 30 schools annually, so far about 8,000 children have contacted classrooms Have experience.

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