Case of Moriyama City,   Shiga Prefecture
Time: December 2014-Abused animals: About 100 species such as Shoebill
 The breeding and display methods at the zoo in Moriyama City, Shiga Prefecture, which opened in December 2014, became a problem.In the zoo, about 100 kinds of animals, such as shoebill,s serval cat famies , and mara guinea pigs , were bred so that visitors can easily touch them.
Prefecture measures
Shiga Prefecture has been instructing, based on the Act on the Protection of Animals, since the opening of the park to "make sure that contact is not abused."On-site surveys have repeatedly asked for improvements in backyards, breeding facilities, and display methods, such as “the smell is terrible” and “there are animals that make their bodies scary when people pass by”.Surveys by the prefecture were conducted 71 times from FY2012 to FY2016.During this time, oral guidance on the 32nd floor and 18 document guidance were given, and the Shiga Prefectural Animal Protection and Management Center, which has been instructing what, requested the garden to create an exhibition manual. 

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