Example of Nagasaki City,   Nagasaki Prefecture
Time: ~ December 4, 2016 Abused animals: 50 dogs
 A woman bred a small dog at her mother's house without proper management and left it in a bad environment.On December 4, 2016, a volunteer group rescued 50 small dogs.It was not cleaned for a long time and was breeding in unsanitary rooms with dirty floors and bad odors.So some dogs had difficulty walking or were weak.
 For several years, mothers sometimes brought puppies to volunteer group at dog-cat transfer meetings saying, "I want to find my mother."Because of the suspicion of multi-head breeding, they all gave up and proceeded with fertility treatment (treatment to prevent breeding) but refused.

after that
The dog was once protected at the City Animal Control Center.After that, another volunteer group asked groomers and animal hospitals to wash and treat their bodies.And by December 7, 2016, all the recipients were decided. 

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