Examples from Kochi Prefecture


November 11, 4 cats picked up via the Internet at homeKochi Prefectural Police Kochi Minami Station was suspected of violating the protection law of Kochi University's first-year male student (18) as having been shot and killed with “ * Bougan”There is an incident that sent documents to Kochi District ProsecutorThe student shot and killed one and three cats twice at home.The student
I wanted to clear depression
He admits.
The student killed four cats and invaded a school that she attended when she was in high school.A total of five cases of arson charges have been sent.

The incident was discovered on June 30Continuous arson incident
A cat's carcass was found at home after being arrested for arson charges in July
It was discovered that it was discovered.
This is my opinion, but if you wanted to clear up the depression, I would like to clear it up.
I wonder why it is necessary to clear up the depression until four cats are killed.
* Weapons that fire arrows with the power of bows and leaf springs
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