Case of Fukui City,   Fukui Prefecture
Time: ~ March 1, 2018 Abused animals: 385 dogs and cats

On March 1, 2018, the Japan Animal Welfare Association (JAWS) said that animal dealers in Sakai City, Fukui Prefecture had been carrying out abuses such as keeping dogs and cats in a tight spaces and breeding them.They filed a charge with the Sakai Nishi Station in violation of the Management Law.JAWS staff and lawyers visited the Sakai Nishi station.

Detailed contents
In December 2017, this contractor, in Sakai City's animal breeding facility, kept 385 dogs and cats in a narrow cage, or placed in a concrete block with more than 50 small spaces, and kept in an insufficient environment.He did not treat sick or injured animals.In addition, He did not apply for of registrations dogs or received rabies vaccinations.The facility was capable of storing up to 400 animals. 

What we found
 In November 2017, a cancenned person contacted the prefecture's health and welfare center saying "Many dogs and cats are kept."Therefore, on November 29, 2017, the prefectural pharmaceutical food and sanitation section entered the facility and confirmed that two employees were taking care of it.In order to prevent problems with the health and safety of animals, we were instructed to reduce the number of animals we keep.I entered 8 times by February 16 to check the situation.The facility sells and transfers without breeding.According to the Prefectural Pharmaceutical Food and Satellite Division, food and water were given, so they was not thin and debilitating. We do not rule abuse.It seems that the number of breeding according to the number of employees at the facility will be judged while looking at improvements.


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