Examples from Fukuoka Prefecture

About 17 years ago, the curtain of abuse opened at midnight on May 6

 It was triggered by a man who picked up a kitten from the garbage dump.When the cats began to believe in the man little by little. Abuse began from there.The culprit, who was live while publishing photos on the online bulletin board, said:"For the time being, do you come from the tail or the four legs? ]Do more with this question! People gathered on the bulletin boardThe man is against the kitten

・ Rip your neck so you can't speak

・Pour hot water so that it cannot move

・ Cut chopsticks into the buttocks

In addition, the tail, ears, and legs were cut even though they were still alive with pliers.
And so on,Finally, tighten the cat's neck with a wire and kill itI released a photo with a CD that wrote "I am a defeatist" on the head.

And he threw the body into a nearby river

As a result, the criminals were determined by the reports of the mindful people who were watching the net, and about 30,000 famous people gathered and led to the arrest of the criminals.


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