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The Current State  of Animal Cruelty
Number of animal cruelty
 How much do you think animal cruelty is going on? I think some people think that animal cruelty happens only a few times a year. However, animal cruelty is increasing as introduced in the top page. And the numbers in this graph are only discovered, and many more animals are being abused.

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Usually accepted... the police receive a report of damages.   Prosecution ... usually accepted and brought the trial trial to court.
Indictment ... usually accepted but did not prosecute.

 Animal cruelty has increased in recent years. In 2017, prosecutions were 40 times higher than in 1974, 70 times more than normal acceptance.

Cases of Animal Cruelty
Here, we introduce cases of animal cruelty that actually occurred by prefecture.And you can easily find what kind of animal cruelty inuolving animal abuse. Specifically, you can see what is going to be abused.
Some of them also list the reasons for the abuse, which can help solve the problem of animal cruelty.

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 ・・・Intentional abuse    ・・・Neglect