Can you hear the animals screaming?・・・  
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Basic imformation  on animal abouse

What is animal abuse?
What happens if animals are abused?
Here are some basic information on animal abuse.

Problem solving flow

There are two main types of animal abuse.

Intentional (aggressive) abuse = Do or do something that should not be done

・ Violence such as scolding, kicking, and applying hot water

・ Psychological suppression and fear

・ Abusive use

②Neglect = Don't do what you need to do
・Don't care

・ Leave the untreated

・ Do not take care of necessary things

・ Place animals in an inferior environment (the condition and nature are very bad)   I say that.


The animals are still screaming

Killing animals that are "living things"
We have to make sure we do n’t suffer
Abuse or derelict protection animals will be punished as a criminal act.

  Protecting animals   Imprisonment of 2 years or less or a fine of 2 million yen or less
 Abuse of protection animals            Fines of less than 1 million yen
 Abandonment of protection animals       Fines of less than 1 million yen

* Protective animals include laboratory animals and industrial animals as well as domestic animals.
1 Cattle, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, etc.
2 Other than 1 and belonging to mammals, birds and reptiles kept by humans

Keeping certain animals without permission, no registration or notification of animal handlers,
Improvement of the situation where the surrounding living environment is damaged
by the breeding of many animals

Anything that does not comply with the order will be fined or imprisoned.
In addition, when a corporate employee performs these duties, the corporation is also fined.

Unauthorized breeding of specific animals

 Imprisonment for 6 months or less or a fine of 1 million yen or less
  Unauthorized breeding of specific animals by corporations

Fines of less than 50 million yen
   Unregistered sales of first-class animals

      Fines of less than 1 million yen  
   Unreported activities of the second-class animal handling business

   Fines up to 300,000 yen  
   Don't follow local government orders when the surrounding environment is damaged

Fine less than 500,000 yen  

Animal freedom

 Animals have the right to live as freely as humans.

5 freedoms of animals

Freedom from hunger and thirst
Freedom from physical pain and discomfort
Freedom from trauma and disease
Freedom from fear and anxiety
Freedom to express normal behavior

As you can from this graph,
the number of animal abuse has been increasing year by year.