German policy

Two hundred years ago, Rev. Albert Knapp of Germany said, "Animals are not human property. They are as painful as humans."  And created facilities for animals that have been abandoned or abused. This activity spread throughout Germany, and in 2002 Animal protection is also written in the German Basic Law.

 This constitution prohibits the slaughter of animals without justifiable reasonsHowever, if you must kill animals, you must be euthanized. Euthanasia means "death without pain and suffering."It is only allowed to kill by avoiding pain and suffering.

There are other detailed laws regarding animal welfare.

Part of another law
The size of the cage and the like is finely determined according to the dog breed and size
Do not leave your dog alone for long hours.
 Do not leave your dog in the car when the outside temperature is above 21℃
1You must be taken outdoors or in a dock run a minimum of twice a day for a total of three hours.

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