Can you hear the animals screaming?・・・  
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What we can do
 Based on what we thought on our thoughts page, we thought about what we could do and what we should be aware of when we keep animals.Animal abuse is quite possible to happen.That's why we thought we have to be careful.

Financial aspect   stress  Multi-head breeding

 Multi-head breeding
 In order for us not to raise multiple heads, it is important to perform contraceptive and castration operations before keeping animals.I think that it is important to decide whether to keep it including the operation fee.There are many other dangers to be aware of.People are obllgated to keep the animals until they die,We must create an environment that will not breed during that time.And I think that the place where you have to be most conscious before you keep the animals.If you want to increase the number of animals, it is important to know how fertile they are.

Do not hesitate to contact the government office if a neighbor lives in your house smelling or screaming.There is also a lot of contact from residents about the factors that detect abuse.I thought contacting them would reduce abuse.If you see a person who is in trouble with not only multi-headed breeding but also the animals you own, you can reduce animal abuse if you consult a health center. 

 It is also important not to feed stray cats in order to avoid raising multiple heads.Recently, I have been feeding stray cats, breeding them as they are, and finishing them in my hands.There are feelings that stray cats are sorry for the poor results, but feeding them may make them feel sorry.There are also other groups that allow cats to operate.By raising funds to the organization, I think it is possible to prevent multi-head breeding.