Can you hear the animals screaming?・・・  
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What we can do
Based on what we thought on our thoughts page, we thought about what we could do and what we should be aware of when we keep animals.Animal abuse is quite possible for us to happen.That's why we thought we had to be careful. 

Financial aspect   stress  Multi-head breeding

Stress side 
 One of the causes of animal cruelty mentioned in terms of stress was that they had troubles that could not be separated from their families, and that they were being bullied by someone.From that point of view, what we can do is “do not bully”.
I've said before that the root cause of animal cruelty is caused by stress, so we can“is what stop bullygivg” what we can do to avoid stress that is the root cause. I think that.

 I think that it is necessary to actively work on animal welfare posters and animal welfare events so that everyone knows that animal
abuse is bad.
By doing so, I think that people who saw the protection posters and those who participated in the event would know where the animal abuse would be.

I think there are other ways to get everyone to know that animal abuse is no good.
I thought it would be possible to create a site that introduces the animal abuse to help you learn about
animal abuse.