Can you hear the animals screaming?・・・  
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What we can do
Based on what we thought on our thoughts page, we thought about what we could do and what we should be aware of when we keep animals.Animal abuse is quite possible for us to happen.That's why we thought we had to be careful.

Financial aspect   stress  Multi-head breeding
Money side 
 Even a little money can help people.Up to now, donations related to animal welfare have gathered about 155,858,128 yen 155,858,128 yen by about 4,42819 people.This donation is for animal food costs, cat litter, medical expenses such as vaccines, medicines and infertility surgery, air conditioning expenses to keep the hut comfortable, facility maintenance costs, labor costs for caring for animals, etc.using.

Call for animal abuse
 Siginificant cost savingcan be achieved by reducing the cost of treatment for animals that have been abused.In addition, by participating in events related to animals and animal welfare, you can spread the idea of animal welfare to society.

 Fewer animals are abandoned by thinking before raising if money will not run out.  There was an example of leaving an animal and leaving home.Woman

And it costs money for infertility surgery.“↓ Surgery fee for infertility surgery”

List of infertility surgery charges  cat dog
male   Female  male  Female
Amount paid by the principal   3000 yen  5000 yen  5000 yen  8000 yen
Amount paid by both parties   3000 yen  4000 yen  3000 yen 5000 yen 
Payment amount to your hospital   6000 yen  9000 yen 8000 yen  13000 yen 
Remarks: For both cats and dogs, increase by 2000 yen for pregnancy. Dogs weigh more than 10kg and increase by 2000 yen