Aichi policy
Animal intervention activity  support dog upbringing business



The main subject of action: Aichi Prefecture
(Animal Conservation Management Center)

Cooperating organizations :Animal protection organizations
(cooperating organizations registered with the center)

 Among the dogs that were selected for transfer,
We will train to become a support dog that performs animal-mediated activities

Background of the event

 While many adult dogs housed in the center are being killed,
I want to bring back as many dogs as possibleBy giving disciplined dogs that were housed from
that thought, giving thema chance to return to society Furthermore, this business was started with
theaim of raising support dogs that can contribute to society.

Specific content
 Of the dogs housed in the center, the dogs that are candidates for transfer are
trained,We will train you to become a good family dog.Also, support dogs that carry
out animal intervention activities at welfare facilities for the elderly, etc.Will be
transferred to an animal welfare organization that conducts animal-mediated activities

 Every year, 1 to 3 support dogs returned to society, and by 2014, 25 were
transferred to animal welfare organizations.
Currently working with the transferee organization in welfare facilities for the elderly.

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